Who is “That Funny Therapist”?

Mikah Miller, LPC

Business Owner/Comedic Speaker/ Entrepreneur Strategist

Hey! I’m Mikah! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and A Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor. I have well over 15 years of experience Counseling Individuals and Families from all walks of life. I am the proud  owner of the #1 Child and Adolescent counseling center in North Georgia, With A Child’s Heart Behavioral Health Center.  

I am known on Social media as “That Funny Therapist” and an “Inspirationalist” to those needing a weekly boost in the frequency of Love. 
I recently presented to over 250 Therapist Business owners during the Not The Typical Psychotherapist Summit, hosted this year in Nashville, TN. And I’ve teamed up with the Jr.NBA and The Power of Girls as one of their dynamic speakers during their week long conference. The title and accomplishment I am most proud of is being a Mommy. 

As a single Mom I too struggled to provide for my son the quality of life he deserved. Life hasn’t always been kind, but it has always had opportunities. I became a Mom during a time where I was struggling to overcome my own childhood, relationship, and self-love wounds. During these trying times I spent many nights in quiet reflection. It took a minute, but I realized I was the one holding me back. That inner critic always whispering in my ear that I couldn’t do this or I wouldn’t succeed at that. When I found my way clear of the abstract noise I thrived. We thrived. 

My goal is to help you discover your authentic self and remove those negative inhibitors so often stalling our progress. It begins with positive mindset, facing our subconscious programming,  and acceptance of who you are. Together, we can reprogram those limiting beliefs and patterns and get you moving back on track for success and more. 
 I’m here to deliver the highest quality experience as we develop a strong business relationship to ensure your needs are met. I offer courses, workbooks, master classes, and community building experiences to help you integrate your past, present, and future self. 

If I can do it, so can you. Isn’t it time to learn how to heal and bet on yourself? It can absolutely happen for you. And I am excited to show you!