5 Reasons Why Laughter is Crucial to Mental Health

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5 Reasons Why Laughter is Crucial to Mental Health

With the pressure and stress of the modern world, it is easy to feel sad, stuck, and sometimes hopeless. However, when it comes to instantly improving your mood and lift you out of a temporary slump, laughter can be an important tool. Studies have shown that laughing releases endorphins (a type of chemical) in our body, which improves our mood and lightens our worries and troubles for a while. In studies all over the world, the simple act has been shown to reduce depression, stress, fatigue, heart disease, strokes, anxiety disorder, and dozens of other health issues plaguing humans every day. In my practice, I incorporate laughter and energy to help individuals battling mental health issues. That’s why, today, I’m sharing my 5 top reasons why the positive energy from humor can help improve your health.

1. Laughter helps you let go of negative emotions

Every person fights a different battle every day of their lives. Worry, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness… these emotions are simply a part of being human, and we all experience them at some point in time. Laughing can help directly diffuse this negative buildup. For instance, in a tense room containing two angry people, someone can try to break the tension by telling a joke. Humor is good for diffusing anger, and the intensity will at least decrease.

Another great example is watching a comedy series when you’re feeling down – the laughter from watching the show, no matter how small will help to alleviate your mood.


2. Rejuvenates and relaxes your mind

Endorphins released while laughing help to release stress and increase the levels of happiness in your body. Moreover, laughter also boosts your energy levels and pushes you out of the slump caused by depression and other negative feelings. This helps to improve focus on tasks and increase overall performance.

3. Builds up resilience

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. People who can laugh in the face of adversary, and find humor even in the darkest of places are among the most resilient people on Earth. Because, let’s face it – life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Life can be hard. It challenges a person daily, continuously with problems big and small.

These challenges in life are what help improve and build us as human beings. If you can laugh at the problems life throws at you, then finding a way out will just become that much easier. You won’t be broken by people and events easily; on the contrary, you may even be able to help others who are struggling.

4.Brings joy to life

This is so very, very important. A life without joy, without laughter, and a reason to smile about… is it really any life at all? We need joy in our lives to stay sane. Laughing with your friends and family will remain in your mind and keep you feeling happy for much longer than you think.

5. Improves your mood

The high energy you feel from laughing, and the delight caused by the release of endorphins is more than enough to lighten your mood. If you feel yourself becoming upset more often than usual, it may simply be because you simply haven’t had a chance to laugh like before. Surround yourself with things and people that can bring out that beautiful laugh in you. Feel better. Be happy.

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