Humorist/Public Speaker

Book Mikah to speak at you next event. She is captivating and entertaining. She effortlessly merges her wealth of knowledge on desired topics along with stand up comedy, to deliver a memorable motivational speech that your audience won’t forget.

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Boss Mom’s Coaching

I turned my statistic into my SuperPower and now I help other Single Boss Mom’s navigate the complexities of Life, Build Businesses, Raise Babies, and SLAY in all areas of their life! How you show up will ultimately determine the results you have in life. Learn how to live in your authenticity, Love Yourself, and Find YOUR Balance as an Entreprenuer! 


“My ‘Pick My Brain’ consultation with Mikah was the best ever. She talked to me like a person and a soul.”

— MC, Solo Practitioner moving to Group

“Mikah helped me discover a strength I didn’t know was there. And now my daughter gets to see her Mommy Kick ass and take names! I am most proud of that!”

— TF, Licensed Therapist going to Solo Practice

“I would still be procrastinating right now. I appreciate Mikah’s consults so much. I laugh…I cry…I breathe heavy! Her consults have truly changed my life.

— JQ, New Private Practice Owner looking to scale

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