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I Hope you All had a Great Day Thanks 🙏🏾❤️! What is one thing you are Thankful for today?

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I’m going to just sit this right here….Just know….It’s not always you Beloved (insert growl as you say Beloveeee-Eddd). SomeTimes…people are really pushing their limits and your reaction is very valid! Mmkay! ❤️… Oh and Happy Tuesday! Smile 😄! It’s Poundcake Season 🍰 😏❤️!
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Like…I can’t even…. 😩

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You have to see all sides! Healing is NOT linear. It’s a forever journey with hella twist and turns! ❤️❤️❤️ #teamgucci🥶🥶🥶🍦🍦🍦

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Say…. “It’s fine. I’ll make it. I know my car”. ‘Cause I do not know that mf lol. What about you?

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❤️The Holidays are slowly approaching! I need you to get and stay prepared. Happy Thursday!❤️

*Reminder: Q&A are the 2nd Friday’s of the Month in my IG stories. Get your questions ready for tomorrow! Follow @mikahmiller *
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At the end of the day, no matter what happens this week. Life doesn’t stop….Like Curtis said, “No matter what happens Boy. Keep that MF rollin’”. Happy Monday Everyone!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Happy Homecoming @tuskegeeuniversity! 🐯❤️💛❤️💛❤️ #tuskegeeuniversity #tuskegee #SkegeeGirl

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All Play….No Work for me today! Happy Saturday ! 😂🤣😂🤣

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Transparency Post: (The footage that didn’t make it 😂🤣😂. ) I use to make a lot of excuses as to why I couldn’t record myself or post myself on YouTube or any videos for that matter. In reality, I didn’t want to do it because I thought I would suck! 🤷🏾‍♀️. And honestly, I do suck…I do…but I’m not looking for your sympathy here. Just Keep reading 😂🤣😂. 2020 has taught me to stop taking time and opportunities for granted. I’m a Therapist and a creative…and I sit on a lot of ideas 💡 . Like somehow the things in my head are going to just post or publish themselves. And yes, sprinkle some Imposter Syndrome on there too 🙄. Anywho….one day, I looked in the mirror, and said, “ Wellllll Mikah….If you think you’re gonna suck at this, you better start sucking (pause 🤭) because everyone has to start somewhere!” So for me, Youtube is going to be like my public journal. And I invite you to come along for the ride! So if you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. The link is in my bio (or type in my name). And the good news is, I can only get better from here! 😉 My name is Mikah and I’m a Recovering Sabatoger! Thank you for having me!

*New Videos every Sunday! ❤️❤️❤️*

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I hope everyone enjoyed their Self-Care Sunday! I enjoyed a great little shindig with my family celebrating my Mother who was honored by UGA ❤️🖤🤍! What did you do today? Let me know!

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If you’re confused…You’re seeking confirmation from the world… Rich Rising ☀️

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Royal Rising! ☀️ Really think about this question! For me it’s discipline and consistency. Ok now…If you’re really with the shits, Let me know what you need to work on below. Have a great Thursday!❤️

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🌞It’s Self-Care Sunday🌞
So….What are your plans for today?

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Are you aligning with things that make you happy? Are you flowing and not forcing? Are you doing things they are meaningful and guiding you to your purpose? If you answered, yes…Cool. Keep on skating like smooth ass @bishopoldes. If you answered “No”. Go back and read my questions again and let’s figure out what you need to start or STOP doing to get in alignment. Life is too sweet to do things that don’t bring you joy! Remember when you are in alignment…Everything flows. *Matter of fact…..Alexa…Play “Float On” by The Floaters! Happy Thursday! ❤️❤️❤️

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Some things you can’t make sense of. You have to Stop trying so hard to figure EVERYTHING out. Trust and believe that everything is happening according to the divine plan. The more you try and figure things out, the more you’re about to start manufacturing some Bull💩!!! Manufacturing the wrong job, house, spouse, etc…..Just relax and trust the process. Go within. Find peace in the now. It’s all working together for your good! ❤️❤️❤️

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It takes practice to tune out outside noise, but we (‘cause I got you) are going to get there! 😉

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